What a fabulous setting?










Aerospace Bristol.

The event?





Not a usual haunt for us here at Bowes Consulting, however as we build-out our Information Security capabilities, together with the fact that with over 200 years of experience to tap into across our employees and associates community, we are proud to declare a backlog of varying degrees of previous clearance from DV to BC,  as well as clearance relating to the FSCS international banking standards. 

This event had that extra buzz, likely not only as for many this was the first venture out post-Covid, if the reaction from our BA, Elaine is anything to go by, it may have been the spectacle of having Concorde as our backdrop for the day.  She still has that wow-factor, even some 10 years after her decommissioning!  A particular highlight was Elaine's reaction when the announcement echoed around the hanger, notifying conference attendees could alight, if I'm not mistaken energies were mustered though weary after a long day building new connections, hearing from what is hoped will be future partners, I sure some could have flown home, However Mich's encounter was rather d more on the nostalgic side, a walk down memory lane, having been sponsored by the Ministry of Defence as an undergraduate, then later engagement at BAE Systems, MBDA, EuroSystems, General Dynamics and UTC to name a few. It turns out to be an interesting, constructive and productive event. Definitely on the corporate calendar for future years!

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