Following her attendance at The Open Group Edinburgh in October 2022 and British Standards Institutions Spring Standards Conference & AGM this month, Bowes Consulting's Company Secretary is putting the Net Zero agenda central to our consulting approach.

With concerns around “Green Washing” in some industry sectors, over 100 countries collaborated to the shaping of an internationally recognized set of guidelines to eliminate confusion and build a common language around this crucial topic. Download the Net Zero Guidelines by clicking the image below. 

Business Transformation Consultancy in UK

One of the actions we'll be doing is to contribute to this important global issue, is to knowledge share, which is one of the activities the guidance sets out under its empowerment clause.

The next stage is the review of our current Sustainability Policy, which was an initial outline of ways we aim to conduct our business and to give visibility of the practical ways we and any business, no matter the scale, can approach Greenhouse Gas [GHG] emissions reduction and removal, even indirectly.

In the coming months we will demonstrate how we are implementing a plan towards Net Zero, which we hope will act as a living case study, following our Company Secretary's attendance at the BSI's Standards Conference – Making connections for a better world, in London, where Mich coined the phrase “Sustainability by Design”, which is our instantiation of the ethos from the ISO which states “should integrate and embed climate risk management indicators, measures and controls into its normal organizational processes and core risk management processes and policies.”

Our first stage has been the review of three cornerstone bodies of works: ISO IWA 42; UN The Paris Agreement & UNICEF Sustainable Development Goals to formulate our revitalized sustainability policy, which we are proud to announce today,  see here.

Come join us on this essential journey!