Business Consultancy




A business consultancy service, sometimes known as management consultancy or simply consultancy, offers advice and guidance to businesses and organisations. We use our experience and business skills to offer expert advice as to how a company can maximise strategy, increase profits, add value and resolve issues.

Business consultancy usually goes hand in glove with Business Transformation Consultancy, as it is a necessary prerequisite of successful transformation.


Business and Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis – sometimes called requirements engineering – is a process for determining user expectations for a new or modified product. These features, called requirements, must be quantifiable, relevant and detailed, and expressed in terms that make sense, not only to the business, but to the IT teams that will be delivering them. That's where, in addition to our Business Transformation Consultancy services, Bowes come into its own, with our expert knowledge at your disposal.

In software engineering, such requirements are often called functional specifications, but it is equally important not to overlook non-functional requirements, such as scalability, reliability and security, which can impact on user experience.





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