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Business process transformation is usually a long-term change management process that is driven by the external pressure to adapt to new conditions and meet business needs. It often involves radical changes to business processes and must be aligned with company strategy.

Bowes Consulting provides the services of Business Transformation Consultancy experts, with their skills and experience at your disposal. They will assist your business in designing, managing and progressing the necessary elements for such transformation, including enterprise, solution, technical and business architecture, as well as knowledge management.



Our Technology Consultancy works in much the same manner as our Business Transformation Consultancy service, only more specifically focused. While BTC transforms the inner workings of your business, Technology Consultancy will help you transform the way you use technology. Traditionally, such transformations have been geared towards improving business processes, reducing costs, maximising use of tech opportunities, and more.

Even for clients with mature IT environments, a Technology Consultant can point out new opportunities, new ways to utilise existing technology, or simply better ways to configure existing tools. Amongst many other areas, the speciality covers:

  • Operational Technology
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Industrial Internet of Things




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