Stuart Anderson

Associate Business Analyst

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Stuart has been helping clients to deliver projects and to transform their teams for over 20 years.

For the past 10 years, he has been providing consultancy services to clients in the Utilities sector, helping them to adapt to regulatory reform, research ways of meeting the challenges of a changing market and assisting with post-merger integration. He has been engaged on a variety of projects in areas of the business as diverse as procurement and supply chain, asset management, SHE and support functions (such as Finance, HR and IT). Stuart has been particularly appreciated for his stakeholder management skills and has worked with staff from the shop floor to board level.

Before that, he spent 15 years in the automotive industry where he started as a software developer before moving into project management, developing and implementing customer-designed solutions. Stuart went on to assist teams in Sales & Marketing, to improve customer retention and to achieve sales growth, and worked with internal stakeholders up to board level at a multinational automotive manufacturer, as well as external stakeholders, including members of the Press and franchise owners from the company's distribution networks. He also spent 16 months supporting staff in an automotive finance company during a period of change initiated by regulatory reform.

Stuart has worked with clients in both the UK and overseas, having learnt to speak three European languages before he left full-time education.

He specialises in business analysis and programme delivery and his areas of expertise include project management, change management, business process redesign and business development.


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